TEDxFreiburg 2022


Speakers and schedule

The line-up for TEDxFreiburg 2022 was great. On our stage, you have seen talks about failing, intelligent water management, balcony photovoltaics, recycling tips and tricks, networking, laughing, emotions, micro-adventures, playful organizations as well as live music!

This was our schedule:
2 pm | Doors open
3-4:30 pm | Session 1
(Markus Seppälä, Phillip Grimm, Sebastian Müller, Vivian Loftin, Martina Haas)
4:30-5:30 pm | Break
5:30-7 pm | Session 2
(El Flecha Negra, Carmen Goglin, Julia Reichert, Alexander Wollert, Till Hasbach)
7-9 pm | Dinner & Drinks
9 pm (open end) | After-show party

Silver Linings

…was the motto of TEDxFreiburg 2022!

In 18 minutes each, our speakers shared their personal silver lining: something positive that can come out of an unpleasant, difficult or negative situation. What could be more relevant in the age of a global pandemic, a post-factual society and the rise of right-wing populism? So let us keep our eyes on the silver lining on the horizon!

Speakers 2022

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