Have you ever felt that all eyes are always on you when you do something wrong? Markus Seppälä knows the feeling. As a speaker, event host and stand-up comedian he stands in the spotlight regularly — and not everything always goes as planned.

In his talk, Markus Seppälä relies on his professional and on-stage experience to show us that failing doesn’t have to be something bad. 13 years in executive compensation strategy have shown him that the so professional-seeming world of business is oftentimes unintentionally funny. So be prepared for a personal, entertaining talk that will make you laugh as well as think.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Markus Seppälä


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What Markus Seppälä likes about TED and TEDx is that it provides a platform for everybody with a good idea — no matter how well-known you were before. When he’s not on our TEDx stage, Markus Seppälä hosts Comedy Basel, his hometown’s biggest comedy club. He also posts weekly communication and presentation tips on his Youtube channel. So if you’d also like to stand on a TEDx stage one day (without failing), check it out!

For me, every difficult situation has a “silver lining” —
because every mistake we can make provides the unique opportunity to learn fast and immediately.

Markus Seppälä