Did you ever get the feeling that one small mishap could ruin your entire day? You’re not alone — and there is even an underlying psychological mechanism behind it. Some scientists claim this phenomenon called “negative imprinting” or “negative bias” exists to protect us from the (evolutionarily speaking) worst possible outcome: death. In her speech, Julia Reichert will explain why it is totally okay to feel bad sometimes, what her perfect world would look like where it is acceptable to feel bad as well as talk about it, and how we can get there.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Julia Reichert


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Julia Reichert is an author with a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language. In her most recet book “Hirn to go” (“Brain to go”), she writes about her vision of a future where we will move backwards a little: slow down, do less, enjoy more and take more time for the essential things in life, while at the same time understanding that it is normal and even important to have so called negative feelings in life. You can learn more about this book and her previous ones on her website or her Facebook page.

Over the years, Julia Reichert has watched countless TED and TEDx talks and even attended two events. She’s just a fan of engaging speeches. That’s why she is especially excited about and looking forward to giving a TEDxFreiburg talk on May 7th, 2022, and inspire other people!

I believe that the mind knows no boundaries — that’s my “silver lining” in difficult situations.

Julia Reichert