Japan, Armenia, Georgia, Iran or simply Germany — Alexander Wollert has seen quite a lot of the world. However, what sticks in his memory far more than the countries he has traveled to are the people he met along the way. Because Alexander Wollert is not a typical tourist, he is a couch surfer: his accommodations are the living rooms, sofas and sleeping mats of people with whom he has only exchanged a few sentences over the Internet – or whom he has just met! Not only that: he also opens up his own apartment to strangers from all over the world. In his entertaining talk on the TEDxFreiburg stage, he will share with you some of the micro-adventures he has experienced so far, how they have shaped him and why he highly recommends to just get over your fear and share your life with a stranger.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Alexander Wollert


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The stories that Alexander Wollert has experienced during his adventures are personal, funny and better than any children’s book. In addition to his travels, he works as a Scrum Master and runs the travel blog Dust of the World. You can follow his recent and future activities there — or simply invite him into your home!

Couch surfing’s not always comfortable, but the “silver lining” is that you will gain much more than just comfort.

Alexander Wollert