South American roots meet Caribbean lightness. Intoxicating Chicha guitars play around crystal clear trumpet riffs. All crowned by the polyphonic chanting of the musicians who shine on stage with their fiery messages and contagious positive charisma. Many different sources merge together to create El Flecha Negra’s rich musical stream which takes you on its journey. Wild, infectious, full of exciting stories, vivid impressions and with one clear goal: sending out happiness!

On the TEDxFreiburg stage, the Freiburg-based band will perform songs are about wishes and dreams, about optimistic mood and travel. El Flecha Negra plead for open borders, they celebrate the freedom to be wherever they want — and demand this right for all people. If you listen carefully, you will catch many little stories. To get in the right mood for the event, listen below to their songs on Spotify or follow them on Instagram. For everybody who wants even more: El Flecha Negra are playing at Jazzhaus Freiburg on April 23rd, 2022 – tickets can be found here!

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