…otherwise, 90 % of your contacts are worthless!

For Martina Haas, networking is more than just a tool for business success. Instead it is an essential soft skill and attitude towards attitude. In her TEDx talk, she will convince us that networking competence equals leadership quality, networking is never free and that you can get far with the right strategy, effort and the will to help others. Martina Haas will guide us through her 7 Power Steps and 3 Double Strategies for effective networking — so that we can begin to be more successful right after her talk. Also and especially in this time of a global pandemic and remote meetings, Martina Haas is certain: there is no excuse for not networking.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Martina Haas


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The connection to TED and TEDx is long standing for Martina Haas. She admits to having learnt much about things that she normally has nothing to do with through that signature mix of information and “edutainment”. The short format – 18 minutes at most – is perfect for her in times of distractions and information overload.

Her book about networking has changed her life — it kickstarted her career as author and speaker. Other than that, Martina Haas loves art, literature (especially biographies), architecture, travel, good food and good people — close friends as well as interesting random encounters! If you want to find out more about her, visit her website at martinahaas.com.

My “silver lining” is hoping that more and more people will learn how to connect themselves well — for themselves and for a greater good.

Martina Haas