Sewage overflows are by far not the sexiest topic. But you can be sure that Phillip Grimm will make you want to know much more about it! In his talk on the TEDxFreiburg stage 2022, he will show you how water systems and flood prevention have to adapt because of climate change and urbanization. But he will also offer up solutions: nature-based ones like sponge cities as well as artificial ones like sewer network control with the help of AI. Because he dreams of a modern society that is protected from floods, droughts, water pollution or water conflicts by artificial intelligence and that contributes to the human right to water.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Phillip Grimm


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For Phillip Grimm, TED and TEDx is the epitome of “do good and talk about it”. He wants to inspire people about how cutting-edge technology can help protect the environment. In his professional life, Phillip Grimm is a Green Tech innovator and founder of Grimm Water Solutions UG, a Freiburg-based high-tech startup and innovation driver in the field of Smart Water Cities. As the initiator and managing director of the Digital Water Institute e.V., he contributes to the success of the digital transformation in the water industry and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Every flood can also bring fertile land.

Phillip Grimm