It is widely known by known that laughter is the best medicine. However, we laugh less and less — especially in the business context. Carmen Goglin wants to change that! She is convinced that especially in times of crisis, we should preserve our laughter to actively control the power (e.g. the endorphines) that laughter gives us. With regard to resiliency and mental health, humour is a fascinating method to retain optimism.

In her talk on the TEDxFreiburg 2022 stage, Carmen Goglin will share the story behind her success, how she herself came to laughter yoga and why laughing without a reason is useful — and can be practiced! This she will prove first-hand: with the viewers online same as with the people on-site. So be ready, she isn’t called “The Laughing Lady” for nothing!

TEDxFreiburg talk by Carmen Goglin


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In her daily business, Carmen Goglin is potential and humour coach from Reutlingen. If you want to find out more about her, check out her homepage or follow her on Instagram.

In times of crisis, laughing is my “silver lining” — with that, I can become less dependant on external factors and actively preserve my optimism.

Carmen Goglin