TEDxFreiburg 2021


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This was TEDxFreiburg 2022

For the first time, the event took place as an interactive live stream. Thank you for being part of it. If you want to get an impression of the event, take a look at our Flickr image gallery (thanks to our volunteer photographers) or click on one of our speakers below to re-watch their inspiring talks!

Tales of Tomorrow

That was the motto for the TEDxFreiburg conference on November 14th, 2021. But what the hell did we mean with that slogan? Was it about fairy tales like the Frog King? No! We were not going to tell you fairy tales, but we wanted to take a look into the possible future (albeit not with a crystal ball). In 2021, we also had a few COVID-related premiers: our first time presenting our talks at the world famous Black Forest Studius, and our first interactive livestream!

Speakers 2021