…is the motto of TEDxFreiburg 2022!

But what even is a “silver lining”? A metaphor for optimism, according to Wikipedia? A cloud formation that’s nice to look at? A song by the band Hurts? A movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? The answer is already part of the question: every silver lining is unique. And still, it contains the power for overarching change.

In 18 minutes each, our speakers will share their personal silver lining: something positive that can come out of an unpleasant, difficult or negative situation. What could be more relevant in the age of a global pandemic, a post-factual society and the rise of right-wing populism? So let us keep our eyes on the silver lining on the horizon – together, on May 7th, 2022.

The first speakers are set!

TEDxFreiburg 2022 is starting to come together nicely. In addition to our theme, we’re happy to announce our first two talks. So if you’d like to know who is coming to our stage, check out our blog here.

Don’t forget: there are only a few Early Bird tickets left on tedxfreiburg-2022.eventbrite.de. So hurry and grab one to be one of our guests at TEDxFreiburg 2022!!