Not only since “Fridays For Future” young people have shown that they can set the political agenda. However, they are hardly ever represented in parliaments and ministries themselves. Simon Sumbert explains in his TEDxFreiburg talk the causes for this imbalance and why everyone would benefit from a greater youth participation.

Simon himself is a student, activist and the youngest member of Freiburg’s municipal council. Since his early school days, he has been involved in youth development and participation. This also inspired him to discuss this topic in his talk at TEDxFreiburg 2021. He is significantly responsible for ensuring that political issues close to young people in Freiburg are represented in the city council. We are very grateful for his effort – not least because our team consists mostly of young people.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Simon Sumbert (German)


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Young people have shown in recent years that they can dictate the political agenda. Why then are they barely represented in parliaments and ministries?

Simon Sumbert