…and we couldn’t be happier about it. TEDxFreiburg 2022 is only two weeks away and in this blog post, we’re going to let you know everything you can expect when coming to the event.

Also, we would like to take the time for a personal message from our team: you would really help us out by booking your ticket it in advance. The more guests come to the event, the greater the guest experience we can provide. So if you don’t have your ticket yet, be sure to get them as soon as possible — thanks!

What to expect at TEDxFreiburg 2022

All speakers and schedule are set

We’re happy to announce that the TEDxFreiburg 2022 line-up is final! On our stage, you will see talks about failing, intelligent water management, balcony photovoltaics, recycling tips and tricks, networking, laughing, emotions, micro-adventures, playful organizations as well as live music!

This is our schedule:
2 pm | Doors open
3-4:30 pm | Session 1
(Markus Seppälä, Phillip Grimm, Sebastian Müller, Vivian Loftin, Martina Haas)
4:30-5:30 pm | Break
5:30-7 pm | Session 2
(El Flecha Negra, Carmen Goglin, Julia Reichert, Alexander Wollert, Till Hasbach)
7-9 pm | Dinner & Drinks
9 pm (open end) | After-show party

The after-show party will start at 9 pm at Theaterbar Freiburg with our very own Hadron Sounds a.k.a. Joshua. Stay, dance and network as long as you like!

Book exchange powered by Herder

Have you recently read a book that really inspired you? That changed your life for the better? That you wanted to share with somebody else? Then please: bring it along. That’s no joke — bring along your favorite books for our book exchange! Our team as well as our speakers will provide some for you to swap — everything else is up to you.

The official Gift Bag by TEDxFreiburg

This year, our gift bag is going to be filled! There will be delicious bio-snacks from our friends at LÄKAA (do you see their amazing delivery in the picture?!), high-quality gifts from our partners as well as fun challenges to get you out of your comfort zone and meet other guests at the event. As always, we hope our gift bag provides you with the inspirational seeds to grow (pun intended, you’ll see)!

Obviously, there will be much more, like speaker Q&As, the legendary lexoffice coffee bar, interactive games and more surpises. If you’ve already got your ticket, you will get more detailed information about the event a few days before it happens. If you’re curious about our livestream, we’re working on the details and announce more news soon.

Until then — stay healthy and we’re looking forward to seeing you live and in person!