Vincent van der Holst has a vision: a world where humanity’s 10 trillion € in yearly profits are used to solve the world’s biggest problems, not personal enrichment. This concept, which his talk at TEDxFreiburg 2024 is about, is called “Profit for Good”.

The idea is simple, feasible and popular – Patagonia and Bosch are already using the model. Employees don’t want to get out of bed in the morning to work hard for an anonymous shareholder’s second Lamborghini. Customers want to buy clothing that solves climate change rather than worsens it. Some wealthy are currently blocking “Profit for Good” companies, so all the eager customers and employees can’t use the profit from their work or buying for good. Vincent van der Holst wants people to know and understand that it’s possible, and he wants the wealthy to know that if they fund it, we will build it, and they will come.

Vincent van der Holst is the founder of BOAS. This fast vintage fashion platform saves jeans from toxic landfills and donates 90% of profits to save lives. He dedicates his career to move the trillions in profits to solve the world’s biggest problems. He has overcome his own challenges like anxiety and burnout, so he now focuses on helping others. When he’s not working to use Profit for Good, Vincent van der Holst cycles: He pedaled from Amsterdam to Paris in one day and he’s currently training for a world record attempt.

Using the world’s 10 trillion dollars in yearly profits to solve the world’s biggest problems is within reach. Using them, or not using them, is our choice. Let’s choose wisely.

Vincent van der Holst about our theme “Within Reach”

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