To get you going for the inspiring talks, we have something very special for you this year: The Gutmann Dance School is putting on a breathtaking dance performance on the dance floor (or, more precisely, on our round red carpet). Let your mind spin so that you can then absorb even more ideas!

You will see a couple of West Coast Swing dancers who will spontaneously improvise to the songs that are played. In addition, they will show you a little choreography during which they will change partners. The flowing movements, the connection within the couple through „lead & follow“ and “musicality” make West Coast Swing an extraordinary experience. You can dance this dance to almost any music and the established partner changes make every dance something special.

The Gutmann Dance School was founded in 1984 by Anneliese and Peter Gutmann and taken over by Matthias Blattmann, Johnny Schmidt-Brinkmann and Christian Spengler in 1998. The dance school organizes up to 300 dance courses every week in its locations for around 10,000 active dance enthusiasts from the Freiburg region: the variety of couple and social dances can be discovered at the Gutmann Dance School, urban dance at the Dance Academy Freiburg, ballet, Modern and jazz at the Krain Ballet School, vintage swing at Swing-in’ Freiburg and fitness courses at the Ladies Dance Club. The West Coast Swing, in particular, is taught almost daily at the Gutmann Dance School. You can find more information at