Dr. Barbara Studer, an award-winning neuroscientist and renowned advocate for mental health, is poised to captivate the audience at TEDxFreiburg 2024 with her transformative insights. With a vision of a world where individuals are attuned to their mental resources, Barbara Studer’s talk will guide you on the path to strengthening your brain health and mental balance in an information overloaded world. Drawing on her expertise in neuroscience and years of experience in teaching and brain research, she will argue for a shift towards prioritising creation over consumption and deep connection over technological distraction.

As co-founder and CEO of “Hirncoach,” a groundbreaking start-up with effective mental health & fitness programs for older adults and youths, Barbara Studer is at the forefront of holistic well-being initiatives. With a background in directing a centre for learning and memory at the University of Bern, Switzerland, Barbara Studer brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her mission of promoting brain health. Beyond her professional endeavors, Barbara is a devoted mother of three and a vibrant personality who finds joy in music, dance and laughter, embodying the essence of her message: to strengthen your brain and body and embrace the present moment with wonder and joy.

Taking care and improving of one’s mental health and well-being is definitely within reach.

Barbara Studer about our theme “Within Reach”

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