“Our mission is to ensure the internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all.” Known as the mission of Mozilla one can wonder – is the internet this place yet?

The new trends to centralisation of services in the internet lead our speaker Ralf Tauscher to look for alternatives to be able to foster and promote a healthy and resilient internet for all of us. Ralf has been exploring Free Software since 1998. This made him a promoting GNU/Linux user. The vast portfolio of free and open source software and the impact of this worldwide shared ownership of software have impressed him since the beginning. However, solutions to change our thinking about free software are not widely known. Therefore, being part of this movement and raising awareness about the topic is very important to him and his network in Freiburg.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Ralf Tauscher


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With his talk on the TEDxFreiburg 2023 stage, he is bringing a critical view about messengers and their usage for individuals and groups – connecting and disconnecting us at the same time – with the aim of ensuring a tomorrow that is a “real” network. His TEDxFreiburg 2023 talk will be in English language.

The internet started as a common resource where everyone was able to participate in the same way. The current structure shows a lot of centralization and big names who own everything. We need to get back to that original vision of “togetherness”.

Ralf Tauscher on our theme “Together for Tomorrow”