He may not look it, but he’s all about good food all day long: we’re happy to have Ben Kindler on board as a speaker for TEDxFreiburg 2024. He agrees, because he loves reaching and inspiring other people this way!

A school dropout at the age of 17, to becoming head chef in one of the most renowned and famous restaurants in Switzerland at the age of 25. How does that work? That’s exactly what our speaker Ben Kindler will tell you with his “recipe for a successful and happy life”. Ben Kindler takes you on his journey and tells his story about his “milestones” that have brought him further. And made him who he is now: star chef, successful entrepreneur and owner of a cooking school and a shop with 20 employees, author of four cookbooks and father of 5 children. Get inspired by Ben Kindler’s personal stories, get to know his ingredients for success and happiness, which are also “within reach” for you, and let yourself be inspired to create your own recipe for life.

42 years old, dream job as a chef, traveling all over the world, loving vintage cars, old Vespas, drums and the mountains. Ben Kindler is a real jack of all trades. When he is old, having had many grandchildren and founded many companies, he will look back with satisfaction on a life that was turbulent but happy from the very first moment. Follow him on his journey at benkindler.de and on Instagram.

What would love do now? The answer always takes you further.

Ben Kindler about our theme “Within Reach”

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