More than 250 million people – about 3 % of the world’s population – live outside their home countries. Many of these people have voluntarily left their homes and emigrated to another country to study, work or start families. Others have been displaced and have had to leave their homes against their will due to war, violence or persecution (68.5 million people in 2017). Dr. Alexander Supady will show us what a change in perspective can achieve and how migration can shape societies for the better. We are curious! What about you?

Dr. Alexander Supady works as a cardiologist and intensive care specialist at Freiburg University’s Heart Center. Besides his clinical training, he specialized in Global Health, holding a Master’s degree in Public Health from Harvard University. Together with Veit Cornelis, a trained social scientist, he founded the “Global Initiative on Health, Migration and Development” a think tank working on humane migration management.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Dr. Alexander Supady


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