The three friends David Stumpp, Bart Bouman and Gregor von Gizycki were on the road for 3 weeks. From Lake Constance to the Atlantic, they alternate on a weekly basis without speaking, seeing or hearing. Small misunderstandings turn into a serious crisis. No one can do without the other, everyone needs help and must help at the same time. As if chained together, they travel forward, meet very different people and experience hilarious situations.

David Stumpp is a filmmaker, entrepreneur and traveller. After his studies in politics, film and journalism, he worked in various media and production companies. Today he is founder of a film distribution and production company and part of a team developing innovative products. Bart Bouman is a German architecture student and entrepreneur. Working in various fields alongside his Master’s degree, his projects have been published in architecture and design magazines as well as media around the world. Together they founded a film production and distribution company in 2014, releasing the award-winning documentary “Drei von Sinnen”. It tells the extraordinary story of an adventurous journey they made themselves, and it was shown in cinemas all over Germany. 

TEDxFreiburg talk by Bart Bouman & David Stumpp (German)


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