lexoffice has been the exclusive sponsor of TEDxFreiburg since the first year (2016). We are proud that we have been able to maintain this fruitful partnership for so long. The emphasis here is really on partners: Michael Schönstein has been at our side with advice and action over the years. But never pushy, only when we (youngsters) needed the support.

Who is lexoffice?

You take care of your business, lexoffice does the rest. Automatically. From digital document entry to bookkeeping to invoicing in seconds. Invoices, banking and bookkeeping in one, that’s lexoffice.

In addition to the moral and financial support, we have been working closely with lexoffice on various topics like the booklet design and have been able to realize speaker coachings and marketing workshops together. At our event the lexoffice lounge invites you to stay and relax and of course our treasurer Jule keeps track of our own finances with the help of the lexoffice software.

Therefore, we are happy to again have lexoffice on board as our Exclusive Partner. From booklet to interactive booth to coffee during the event: lexoffice will care for you on event day!