Max Wittrock is co-founder of mymuesli, one of the most talked-about and fastest growing start-ups in Europe – they produce organic mueslis in zillions of variations. Originally a graduate from law school and trained journalist, he founded mymuesli with 2 friends in 2007. He talks about himself as a human, father, very passionate about coffee and loves photography. 

Using funny and interesting episodes of the history of “mymuesli” founder and successful entrepreneur Max Wittrock outlines how to launch a start-up in 10 lessons ranging from the initial idea and its refinement to the moments where real commitment is required and the scaling of the business. In this humorous and very inspiring talk Max gives great motivation to potential entrepreneurs but also prepares them to cope with the ups and downs of the early phases of a company. 

TEDxFreiburg talk by Max Wittrock (English)


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