Robocop or Frankenstein? Exploring the boundaries between biology and technology is Maurizio’s passion. He is a scientist and loves it! Trained as applied physicist he further specialized in nanotechnology, self-assembly, dynamic system and bioengineering. On the fruitful grounds of University of Tokyo, EPFL and University of Freiburg, his ideas did sprout and develop into successful research projects. In particular, the prestigious European Marie-Curie award gave him the opportunity to investigate the limits of biomimetic microsystems.

Maurizio Gullo argues that artificial implants, particularly if equipped with electronics, have considerable drawbacks, especially for children with a still growing body. In his easy-to-understand lecture he explains the potential of biological implants grown of human cells and shows fascinating examples of the state of research in the field of biotechnology.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Maurizio Gullo (English)


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