Do you know people with disabilities? How do you behave when you meet a person with a disability? What are you thinking then? Do you have fears of contact or insecurities? Presumably we all, no matter how much experience, always have some questions or predisposed ideas in our heads without questioning them. Johanna Recktenwald knows this from her own experience of living with a visual impairment and knows: without sport, she would still be a master at hiding her disability.

TEDxFreiburg talk by Johanna Recktenwald (german)


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For her, inclusion means community and togetherness for everyone, without conditions. However, it is not just the structures and barriers that need to change for this to happen, but first the willingness of society. And that means reducing fears of contact. As a Paralympic biathlete and cyclist in Freiburg, she speaks openly about these topics. With her talk at TEDxFreiburg 2023, she wants to strengthen this awareness in a sensitive and understandable way. Her TEDxFreiburg 2023 talk will be held in German.

Inclusion means community and togetherness, no matter what restrictions or barriers are put in the way of a person. And to achieve this, fears of contact must be overcome so that a “Together for Tomorrow” can succeed.

Johanna Recktenwald on our motto “Together for Tomorrow”