Jochem De Schutter has a powerful vision, in all senses of the word: He is working towards a future powered by clean energy, globally available, that fosters faith in human ingenuity again. That vision might seem like utopia, but he wouldn’t be on our stage if it wasn’t within reach. So how do we get there? Jochem De Schutter will use his talk to present a – possibly disruptive – novel wind power technology which he has been fostering since his PhD research: the „minimalistic wind turbine“. To find out where this technology operates, how it could save huge amounts of resources, and why we should all be open towards and even excited about radically new technologies, you’ll have to watch his talk at TEDxFreiburg 2024.

When he is not on stage, Jochem De Schutter works as an engineering scientist with a diverse academic background, ranging from energy technologies to mathematical optimization as well as philosophy. Follow Jochem De Schutter on Linkedin if you want to learn more about what he’s up to.

I love the idea of flying wind farms because it is such a futuristic vision that is simultaneously within reach – it can be (and has been!) realized in projects already.

Jochem De Schutter about our theme “Within Reach”

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