Being a huge TED/TEDx fan, Hanno is the perfect fit for our team. With his hands-on mentality, Hanno wants to expand the connection between TEDxFreiburg and other actors in Freiburg and the region to convert “ideas worth spreading” into “action”. That’s why he is working in all the areas that concern themselves with connecting: the partnering team as well as the guest experience team.

In addition to that, he spends his time making clients happy with AI and spending time with his family. Depending on the time of year, you can find him either sledding in the snow or stand-up-paddling in the water.

What I love about Freiburg is the combination of supposed opposites: economy and lifestyle, diversity and small-town comfort, experiencing nature and Bundesliga games all in a radius of 20 minutes.

Hanno Ebsen

My favorite TED/TEDx talk


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