Flo is one of our hosts at TEDxFreiburg 2023. He has already found his way into people’s ears in a wide variety of places: on the radio, in online formats, but above all on live stages. From company and sporting events to the Freiburg Zelt-Musik-Festival, Flo ensures a good time with his humorous manner.

In addition to his thoroughly self-deprecating sense of humour, Flo is characterized above all by his enthusiasm in all areas of life. Whether sport or volunteering: Flo can be found everywhere. And so it happens that he can almost always tell an exciting, funny or absurd story from his life.

As a “Freiburger Bobbele”, this city will probably never let me go: the city, the Black Forest and the many different people are home to me.

Florian D. Weber

My favorite TED/TEDx talk


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