If you’ve followed the scientific findings of the last few years and decades, you know: humanity is heading towards ecocide. One reason why all the rational arguments haven’t gotten us far enough is that people need to be addressed on an emotional level in order to fully understand an issue. We want to be amazed!

This is where Dominik Eulberg comes in: Nature has no lobby, which is why he stands up for her. So Dominik Eulberg has made it his mission to amaze people in many different ways. He is a world-renowned techno DJ whose compositions use natural sounds and bird songs. Dominik Eulberg is also an author, developer of nature awareness games, ambassador for many nature conservation organizations and guest scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Amazement is guaranteed at his talk performance on the TEDxFreiburg stage!

Dominik Eulberg from the Westerwald has been active worldwide with his music for more than 25 years. His discography now includes over a hundred releases. But he actually studied ecology, because raising awareness of nature and protecting our local biodiversity is something that has been in his heart since childhood. Dominik Eulberg is a colorful jack-of-all-trades and works in a variety of ways to sensitize our hearts to the beauty and worthiness of nature. You can find more about Dominik Eulberg on Instagram and Facebook.

My vision: bringing art and science closer together to jointly prevent the tipping point of ecocide.

Dominik Eulberg about our theme “Within Reach”