Sometimes companies in a rough situation show signs of a depression and lose their winning spirit. Throughout his career Claus Melder found a systematic way to get those teams and companies back on track. 4 steps out of business depression is very similar to the steps you take to get out of an individuals depression. Learn how to do that in his interesting talk with helpful advice and useful information – for employees and employer.

Claus Melder has spent his whole career working in the field of sensors and automation. During his professional life, he has participated in a lot of changes in the industry. He has gained a lot of experience in how to turn these changes into business opportunities. Currently, he is a senior vice president at Sick AG, one of the world leaders in the sensors industry. Claus shares his experience in how to work together with people in a rapidly changing environment full of opportunities and threats. Without the heart and brain of everybody, even the best business plan is just a piece of paper. 

TEDxFreiburg talk by Claus Melder (English)


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