Christine Marie is part of the partnering team since fall 2022. She supports TEDxFreiburg in finding creative solutions for sponsors from which both TEDxFreiburg and the sponsors themselves can benefit.

In addition to TEDxFreiburg, Christine Marie is a self-employed “menstrual whisperer” dedicated to help clients achieve a pain-free and PMS-free menstrual cycle, regardless of their diagnosis. To achieve this goal, she developed her own concept – Fierce Gentleness™. She is also using this to educate companies about the benefits of practicing menstrual equity in the workplace. To relax, she likes to go hiking with her dog in the Black Forest or visits the Dreisam River.

It’s like Freiburg was made for me and I truly thrive here. I’m so happy that Freiburg is one of Germanys secrets, but I’m also happy that it shows up in ways that matter. I believe that Freiburg chose me and I am honored to call it home.

Christine Marie Quigless

Mein Lieblings-TED/TEDx-Talk


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