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#Art #Environment #Mobility

Cars: it's a question of culture | Michael Pinsky

Michael Pinsky's talk, filled with humor and charm, is a strong statement against air pollution and excessive use of cars. It reveals the mythologies normally associated with the car as the supposedly best means of transport and shows the paradox that in many ways they achieve the opposite result for which they were designed. Showing some of his amazing art objects, he expresses his message in a highly creative and entertaining way.

#Business #Productivity

Get the winning spirit back - 4 steps out of business depression | Claus Melder

Sometimes companies in a rough situation show signs of a depression and lose their winning spirit. Throughout his career Claus Melder found a systematic way to get those teams and companies back on track. 4 steps out of business depression is very similar to the steps you take to get out of an individuals depression. Learn how to do that in his interesting talk with helpful advice and useful information- for employees and employer.

#Business #Self-help #Speech

Auftritt ohne Stress und Lampenfieber | Boris Beimann

Are you about to hold an important presentation or talk in public? Everyone faces stress situations is his daily life. In his talk, Boris Beimann explains a few methods on how to deal with stress. Through his experience in a variety of fields, including coaching youth soccer talents or startups, Boris wants to pursue his passion for helping people to experience a bit more ease when it matters.

#Biology #Cells

How your immune system is fighting for you | Julia Jellusova

Did you know that we live in a dangerous world? We are surrounded by viruses and bacteria and the only reason why we survive is our immune system! In her humorous talk Julia Jellusova, biologist focusing on immunology, explains the role of B-cells and what toymaking has to do with our immune system. Using interesting examples, she explains the importance of further research on B-cells and how our body can even fight cancer.

#Culture #Dance #Music

The Power of Diversity | Matthias Rettner & PAN.OPTIKUM

How can cultural work change our lives and impact our societies? In this inspiring mixture of talk and performance Freiburg based action theatre Pan.Optikum shows us how street-theatre and hip-hop can bring different people together. The young artists from all over Europe stand as an example of how cultural work and arts can oppose stinginess, greed, and egoism in our societies.

#AI #Technology

Automation of AI Design | Marius Lindauer

Is AI the future? Marius Lindauer, AI scientist at the University of Freiburg says No. AI is now and we use it in daily life! In his thoughtful talk, he explains why all of us should be able to create our own AI in the future and how the idea of automated AI design works. According to Marius Lindauer, the benefits are many – but still, the question is: How will you use your personal AI to create a better world?

#Environment #Global issues

Plastik im Alltag - 11 Tipps, wie wir weniger verbrauchen | Anna Neubauer und Daniel Bichsel

Anna Neubauer, Doktorandin an der Universität Zürich, und Daniel Bichsel, Umweltaktivist und Freitauchlehrer, führen uns in ihrem Talk nochmal vor Augen, wie viel Plastik wir Menschen verbrauchen. Doch anstatt sich darüber zu beklagen, werden sie aktiv. Sie geben hier den Zuschauern viele Tipps und Tricks an die Hand, wie jeder im Alltag seinen Plastik-Verbrauch vermindern kann. Kurzweilig und auf den Punkt gebracht, wird uns gezeigt wie einfach es sein kann, etwas Gutes für die Umwelt zu tun.

#Farming #Social Media

Digitale Medien und die Kommunikation von heute | Jutta Zeisset

In ihrem Talk klärt Jutta Zeisset auf, wie wichtig es für kleine Unternehmen ist, sich nicht der heutigen Zeit zu verschließen: das bedeutet, dass sie mithilfe digitaler Medien am Zahn der Zeit mithalten können, vielmehr noch: ihren Kunden ein angenehmes und unkompliziertes Erlebnis bieten können, von der Tischreservierung über WhatsApp, bis hin zu einem produktiven Austausch über Social Media.

#Entrepreneurship #Food #Start-up

How to start a StartUp | Max Wittrock

Using funny and interesting episodes of the history of “mymuesli” founder and successful entrepreneur Max Wittrock outlines how to launch a start-up in 10 lessons ranging from the initial idea and its refinement to the moments where real commitment is required and the scaling of the business.
In this humorous and very inspiring talk Max gives great motivation to potential entrepreneurs but also prepares them to cope with the ups and downs of the early phases of a company.

#Deep Learning #Technology

Finding elephants doesn't make neural nets almighty | Sebastian Wagner

Sebastian Wagner, CEO of Freiburg based high-tech start-up Geospin, uses a vivid demonstration of an app that recognizes objects drawn in simple lines and fascinating examples of picture recognition to explain how big data is used and neural networks work. His lively presentation explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence, but also examines the limits of this emerging technology.

#Music #Women empowerment

Make metaphors matter in the conversation about global inequalities | Ariane Vera

In her reflective and inspiring talk, multitalented Arianne Vera motivates to think about injustice in the world and explains why this also has to do with the position of women in leadership positions and women empowerment. She makes clear that ending poverty in the world and creating a brighter future for our planet depends on our day-to-day decisions. As a help for this the presents her “sustainable choices catalogue”.

#Business #Music #Leadership

Think Jazz | Werner Englert

What have agile teams and jazz bands in common? Quite a bit, explains Werner Englert in his talk “Think Jazz”, in which he wants to invite to act and think like a jazz musician as a leader or member of a creative, self-organized agil team. Using short improvisations with his co-musicians Johannes Maikranz and Frederik Heisler he vividly demonstrates how companies can learn from a jazz band.

#Adventure #Friendship #Senses #Travel

Nichts sagen, nichts sehen, nichts hören - die außergewöhnlichste Reise unseres Lebens | Bart Bouman & David Stumpp

3 Wochen waren die drei Freunde David Stumpp, Bart Bouman und Gregor von Gizycki unterwegs. Vom Bodensee an den Atlantik verzichten sie im wöchentlichen Wechsel auf das Sprechen, das Sehen, das Hören. Aus kleinen Missverständnissen wird eine handfeste Krise. Niemand kann ohne den anderen, jeder braucht Hilfe und muss zugleich helfen. Wie aneinandergekettet reisen sie vorwärts, begegnen ganz unterschiedliche Menschen und erleben urkomische Situationen.

#Cities #Environment #Nature #Urban Planning

The fluid ‘nature’ of modernity: Just like a river | Carolina Nunes

The river-cities of XX century represented the values of that time. Just like the industries, they should be standard, segmented, functional. In the scale of machines. In the liquid modernity, the world is not fixed anymore, so why should the river banks be? Nowadays we talk about diversity, singularity, democracy, culture and sustainability, how is the shape of the city of our times? Rivers are an important piece in the equation: they are the connection between nature and urban centers. Cities are human habitats. Let’s improve our cities, by design.

#Body #Health

Counteracting the effects of sitting | Jannis Denecke

The long hours of sitting in our everyday life cause disbalances in our body. In his hands-on talk, Jannis Denecke shows us some exercises that will have a huge impact on our health if regularly applied to our everyday life and in the office.


How to improve life within our Communities through the power of Art | Raffael Bender

When he is not wrapped up in thoughts of the evolution of humankind and all the current events going on all around the globe, Raffael Bender (MSVB) dances, produces music, shoots & direct his own films or fallows the artform of photography. His goal in life and the topic of his talk is to use the power of art as a tool to bring people closer together, to bring awareness to a serious topic and to inspire & motivate all kinds of people and how working with them hand in hand can help to organize communities to the better.

#Biotech #Technology #Health

Use biological cells to build implants! | Maurizio Gullo

Maurizio Gullo argues that artificial implants, particularly if equipped with electronics, have considerable drawbacks, especially for children with a still growing body. In his easy-to-understand lecture he explains the potential of biological implants grown of human cells and shows fascinating examples of the state of research in the field of biotechnology. (In the near future we may be able to use cell cultures instead of implants like pacemakers… )

#Technology #Mobility #Transportation

Choose your favorite problem and contribute solving it | Gabriele Semino

In his captivating talk Gabriele Semino explains the fascinating technology of Hyperloops, a visionary transport system using small cabins (pods) traveling through an evacuated tube. He tells the thrilling story of his team winning the SpaceX Hyperloop pod competition and meeting tech-superstar Elon Musk. Above all, however, he shows what a great contribution motivated teams, and especially student teams, can make to solving the most pressing problems of our modern society like traffic gridlocks and the increasing emission of green house gases.

#Social Entrepreneurship #Refugees

Warum Integration geben und nehmen ist | Fabio Debus

In his passionate talk, 17-year old Fabio Debus reveals the problems related to the integration of refugees and describes an innovative way for refugees and volunteers to easily connect and overcome differences without any language problem using modern communication tools before meeting in person.

#Solar energy #Architecture

Ohne Schornstein und Auspuff | Rolf Disch

Rolf Disch, architect and solar pioneer, discusses how to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time with renewable energy, efficient buildings and carbon-free means of transport. He takes the audience on a tour from his early achievements as a solar car inventor and race driver to his latest projects for energy-plus-houses.

#Dance #Women

Proud Woman | Ana Selina Haberbosch

Watch Ana Selina Haberbosch’s expressive dance performance.

#Photography #Adventure

5 Learnings aus der Fotografie | Matthias Huber

Photographer Matthias Huber travels the world to discover amazing landscapes. With a lot of humor and funny anecdotes he shares with us five lessons for everyday life that he learned on his numerous trips.

#Art #Communication

Kunst als Kreativmotor für Ihr Unternehmen | Dr. Ulrike Lehmann

Can companies benefit from investing in art, especially in times when artificial intelligence and industry 4.0 radically change our business world and job requirements? Dr. Ulrike Lehmann makes a case that art increases creativity, fosters out-of-the-box thinking, opens doors for unconventional talks between business partners and in the end, will increase profit. And besides that, it simply makes life happier…

#Entrepreneurship #Happiness

Entrepreneurship as a source of happiness | Ernesto Moreno

Do you want to live a happier and fulfilled life? Apply entrepreneurial principles says leadership coach Ernesto Moreno. In his inspiring talk, he shows how embracing challenges, taking risks and “working it out” can be a source of happiness not only for entrepreneurs.


"Cécile Verny singt... auf Deutsch". Mit Johannes Maikranz (Gitarre) | Cécile Verny

Cécile Verny, accompanied by Johannes Maikranz on guitar, sings in German for the first time in public. In her lyric performance, she shows us the beauty of German “Schlager”. Between songs she humorously explains the unique quality of music to build bridges between people. She tops off her charming presentation with a witty interpretation of the classic lullaby "Guten Abend, gut' Nacht".