Watch the talks from TEDxFreiburg 2016

Talks from TEDxFreiburg 2016

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#Social Entrepreneurship #Refugees

Warum Integration geben und nehmen ist | Fabio Debus

In his passionate talk, 17-year old Fabio Debus reveals the problems related to the integration of refugees and describes an innovative way for refugees and volunteers to easily connect and overcome differences without any language problem using modern communication tools before meeting in person.

#Solar energy #Architecture

Ohne Schornstein und Auspuff | Rolf Disch

Rolf Disch, architect and solar pioneer, discusses how to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time with renewable energy, efficient buildings and carbon-free means of transport. He takes the audience on a tour from his early achievements as a solar car inventor and race driver to his latest projects for energy-plus-houses.

#Dance #Women

Proud Woman | Ana Selina Haberbosch

Watch Ana Selina Haberbosch’s expressive dance performance.

#Photography #Adventure

5 Learnings aus der Fotografie | Matthias Huber

Photographer Matthias Huber travels the world to discover amazing landscapes. With a lot of humor and funny anecdotes he shares with us five lessons for everyday life that he learned on his numerous trips.

#Art #Communication

Kunst als Kreativmotor für Ihr Unternehmen | Dr. Ulrike Lehmann

Can companies benefit from investing in art, especially in times when artificial intelligence and industry 4.0 radically change our business world and job requirements? Dr. Ulrike Lehmann makes a case that art increases creativity, fosters out-of-the-box thinking, opens doors for unconventional talks between business partners and in the end, will increase profit. And besides that, it simply makes life happier…

#Entrepreneurship #Happiness

Entrepreneurship as a source of happiness | Ernesto Moreno

Do you want to live a happier and fulfilled life? Apply entrepreneurial principles says leadership coach Ernesto Moreno. In his inspiring talk, he shows how embracing challenges, taking risks and “working it out” can be a source of happiness not only for entrepreneurs.


"Cécile Verny singt... auf Deutsch". Mit Johannes Maikranz (Gitarre) | Cécile Verny

Cécile Verny, accompanied by Johannes Maikranz on guitar, sings in German for the first time in public. In her lyric performance, she shows us the beauty of German “Schlager”. Between songs she humorously explains the unique quality of music to build bridges between people. She tops off her charming presentation with a witty interpretation of the classic lullaby "Guten Abend, gut' Nacht".